Top 10 Best Hair Transplant NYC | Hair Restoration in New York

Suffering from hair loss problem? and searching for the best hair transplant or restoration treatments in New York? Then you have come to the right place. 

With the increase in hair loss problems among both men and women, there has been an increase in the establishment of numerous hair loss center in New York as well. However, it is also important to understand that you need to do proper research so that you don’t fall prey to hair transplant clinics in New York, NY that offers cheap and unreliable hair transplant in NYC. Take a well-informed decision so that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the hair transplant treatment.

Hair Transplant in New York

The best way to get information on anything these days is through the Internet, so if you're interested in learning more about the hair transplant and restoration process and about the amazing services available right here in New York, NY, take a look online and learn more about how an affordable hair transplant can truly change your life. You'll likely be surprised by the wealth of information you'll find online, the amazing services available in this city, and you can also know about hair transplant cost in New York and the affordability of it all, especially when you consider that, in the end, you'll be walking away with a full head of hair, professionally done by one of the best hair transplant specialists in New York, NY.

Here Go Search Directory, prepared a list of top-rated hair restoration and hair transplant centers that provide one-stop solutions for your hair problems.

Top 10 Best Hair Transplant Center in NYC

1. HairCareMD(Hair Restoration Surgeons) New York

HairCareMD (Hair Restoration Surgeons) New YorkThe HairCareMD surgeons provide the most effective, modern and natural appearing hair restoration.

The HairCareMD surgeons provide the most effective, modern and natural appearing hair restoration treatments in two state-of-the-art Upper East Side hair loss centers. The team is comprised of Dr. David Rosenberg, Dr. Jessica Lattman and Dr. Benjamin Paul.

At HairCareMD, therapy for hair loss begins with a screening consultation. In these meetings, we identify any possible underlying causes for hair loss and offer you the most effective hair treatment options based on our findings.

HairCareMD New York encourages you to explore the HairCareMD website and visit our practice for a consultation to learn more about how we can help you.

  • Address:- 225 E. 64th Street New York, NY 10065
  • Contact No:- (212) 832-7419
  • FAX:- 212-421-0176
  • Treatments:- Hair Loss Basics, Female Hair Loss, Male Hair Loss, Medical Treatments, PRP, Hair Transplant, ARTAS® iX Robotic Hair Transplant, Cloning Repair, Camouflage

2. NYC Hair Restoration

NYC Hair Restoration

NYC Hair Restoration center is one of the leading practices offering hair restoration in NYC. Conveniently located at 35A East 84th Street, Dr. Elie Levine, Dr. Jody Levine, and their friendly staff look forward to meeting you and discovering how they can help you regrow your hair. Utilizing the most advanced techniques and technology in hair restoration, our NYC hair doctors compile a unique hair transplant treatment plan to target your individual hair loss symptoms. Contact our office or schedule an appointment online today to begin your journey toward restored, revitalized hair.

NYC Hair Restoration achieves beautiful, natural-looking hair growth. Minimally invasive hair transplant treatments include Neograft - the no incision, no scar, stitches-free hairloss solution! We also offer the linear strip method, for comprehensive hair transplant treatment.

  • Address:- 35A East 84th Street, Suite C, New York, NY 10028
  • Contact No:- 212.988.1557 | +1 212-988-1800
  • Treatments:- PRP Hair Treatment, Advances in Hair Restoration, FUE Procedures vs Strip Method, NeoGraft (FUE) & Implantation, NeoGraft Advantage, Linear Strip Method, Hair Products, LaserCap LCPRO

3. MAXIM Hair Restoration NYC

MAXIM Hair Restoration New York, NY

MAXIM Hair Restoration NYC prides itself in providing ultra-natural MEGA hair transplants performed by real Hair Transplant Surgeons.

MAXIM Hair Restoration offers a broad range of surgical hair transplant procedures and non-surgical hair loss solutions for both men and women.

Surgical & non-surgical hair restoration including fue fut hair transplants and scalp micropigmentation (SMP), eyebrow hair transplants, facial mustache beard hair restoration.

Located near the Empire State Building. Serves New York City including Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester, Long Island, and New Jersey.

  • Address:- 308 Fifth Avenue, Fifth Floor, New York, NY 10001, United States
  • Contact No:- (646) 503-1209 | +1 802-370-3227
  • Email:- [email protected]

4. Bosley Hair Transplant & Restoration in New York

Bosley Hair Transplant & Restoration in New York

Located in the heart of Manhattan, our New York hair transplant office offers both surgical and nonsurgical hair restoration options. Bosley can help you at any stage of hair loss. Come get a free personal hair analysis and let Bosley show you how to slow your hair loss to preserve the hair you have or restore your hair and regrow a totally natural-looking hairline. Whether you live in the New York area or are traveling into town from Long Island, New Jersey, Upstate New York or other nearby areas, our experienced physicians and trained counselors are ready to help you find the right solution to your hair loss.

  • Address:- 99 Park Ave 20th Floor, New York, NY 10016, United States
  • Contact No:- 332-255-6024 | +1 332-255-6024
  • Treatments:- Hair transplant, Follicular unit extraction, Follicular unit transplantation, Eyebrow restoration, Biograft, Hair loss in men, Hair loss in women

5. Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration NYC

Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration NYC

Welcome to the state-of-the-art Center for Hair Restoration in New York. We diagnose and treat hair loss in men and women using the most advanced technologies. State-of-the-art surgical hair restoration and advanced medical hair loss treatment to patients from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and around the globe.

Hair transplant surgery is performed using the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques that Dr. Bernstein pioneered. All FUE procedures are performed using the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant system. We take pride in providing the highest level of treatment and care for our patients.

  • Address:- Mannhattan Office: 110 East 55th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10022
  • Address:- Long Island Office: 229 7th Street, Suite 105, Garden City, NY 11530
  • Contact No:- 212-826-2400 | 866-576-2400 (Toll Free)
  • Email:- [email protected]
  • Treatments:- Robotic Hair Restoration (R-FUE), Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Medical Treatments for Hair Loss

6. Nova Medical Hair Transplant NYC

Nova Medical Hair Transplant NYC

We’re excited about your transformation. At our New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic, Nova Medical Hair Transplant NYC have developed a comprehensive treatment package with a-la-carte options to boost and compliment your results from a hair transplant procedure.

Find out if you are a prime candidate for our state-of-the-art hair transplant FUE at our Nova Medical Hair Transplant NYC Clinic.

Nova Medical Hair Transplant NYC, hair loss specialists, so we can ensure that you have everything you need to prepare for a successful FUE hair transplant in NJ, then support and maintain your investment. The following is a breakdown of what your transplant package may include and an overview of options available.

  • Address:- 42A-B East 74th Street, New York, NY 10021
  • Contact No:- (212) 362-9861
  • Treatments:- Hair Regrowth Candidates, FUE Hair Transplant, FUT Hair Transplant, Hair Transplant Destination, Hair Transplant Maintenance, Hair Implants, Scarless Hair Treatment

7. Robotic Hair Restoration New York (RHRLI)

Robotic Hair Restoration New York (RHRLI)

Robotic Hair Restoration New York is the first hair restoration practice in the Long Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens region that offers the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure.

Robotic Hair Restoration New York is the FIRST and ONLY hair restoration medical practice in the Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens region to offer the ARTAS Hair Transplant Procedure. This FDA approved robot performs the most comfortable and most technologically advanced hair transplant procedure available today, using a robotic follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique. The procedure is virtually painless and scarless, and is performed in our state of the art medical facility.

At RHRLI, our founder, board-certified surgeon Dr. Baiju Gohil, uses the ARTAS® System, a highly advanced robotic system that provides minimally invasive hair transplants with precision. We combine this FDA-approved, computer-assisted system with our follicle unit excision (FUE) techniques to create optimal results for our patients. Through the ARTAS® hair transplant procedure, you will have fuller, healthier-looking natural hair for good! The procedure involves minimal discomfort, requires no stitches or sutures, and you’ll be back to work in just a few days. Call our Long Island robotic hair restoration center today at (516) 218-1876 to learn how we can help you combat thinning hair and hair loss.

  • Address:- 12 W 37th St #1209 New York, NY 10018
  • Contact No:- +1 516-605-1545
  • Treatments:- Hair Transplant, Non Surgical Therapy, Hair Loss, Hair Restoration Treatment

8. ForHair NYC Restoration Clinic - Dr. John Cole

ForHair NYC Restoration Clinic - Dr. John Cole

Founded by John P. Cole, MD in 1990, the ForHair hair restoration clinic of Atlanta offers unparalleled hair loss interventions for both men and women. Dr. Cole’s trademark FUE hair transplant method, the Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), affords a customized, client-centered solution to correcting baldness and hair thinning by minimizing scars and maximizing hair density without significantly impacting FUE hair transplant Atlanta costs. Indeed, patient satisfaction is the hallmark of Dr. Cole’s approach; he appreciates even the most subtle of differences in hairlines and strives to recreate the natural appearance with a precision that is renowned worldwide. Hair transplant photos taken from his former patients are a testament to this achievement and contribute to establishing the Forhair clinic as a leading hair restoration surgery clinic in New York City.

Dr. Cole personally trains and supervises all physicians practicing at Forhair in any of its locations to ensure patient satisfaction remains a top priority. With an office in New York and two in Georgia (Atlanta and Alpharetta), Dr. Cole and his team of doctors are ready to bring a personalized strategy for reversing hair plug surgery to you today!

  • Address:- 35 W 45th St 3rd Fl Suite 3, New York, NY 10036, United States
  • Contact No:- +1 678-566-1011 | 1-800-368-4247
  • Email:- [email protected]
  • Treatments:- FUT Vs. FUE Hair Transplant, Advanced FUE Hair Transplants - CIT®, C2G - No Shave FUE, Hair Transplant Repair, Body Hair (BHT), Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP), Stem Cell Treatments, CRP / ACell Treatments, Hair Loss Causes & Treatments, Hair Growth Cycles, Hair Loss Pattern, HairCycle Products, Non-Surgical Solutions

9. Ziering Medical NYC

Ziering Medical NYC

Dr. Craig Ziering, celebrity hair transplant surgeon and a leading authority in hair transplant surgery, and the team at Ziering Medical are among the very best in the field of hair restoration in NYC.

  • Address:- Ziering Medical, 110 East 60th Street Suite 702, New York, NY 10022
  • Contact No:- 877.910.1976
  • Treatments:- FUE, MDEE (Formerly FUT), Robotic Hair Restoration, African American Hair Transplant, Non-Surgical, Amnio-Z, Exosome Therapy, Formula ZFin, Formula ZMin, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Keralase Treatment, Laser Therapy In Clinic, Latisse, Propecia Propak, Scalp Micropigmentation, Shampoo and Conditioner, Viviscal Professional, Ziering LaserCap, ZProvita

10. Capri Hair Restoration – Hair Transplant Specialists NYC

Capri Hair Restoration – Hair Transplant Specialists NYC

Capri Hair Restoration specializes in hair replacement and restoration procedures using surgical and non-surgical solutions in New York City. Our chief surgeon, Dr. Oleg Antonov, and his team are dedicated to expertly and permanently resolving the problem of men and women suffering hair loss. We are committed to a program of educating, certifying and monitoring our staff so that we can assure our patients that they are receiving hair restoration of the highest quality. We have been able to do this and keep our pricing affordable and fair. You are welcomed to visit the rest of this website and learn more about who we are, what we can do for you, our procedures, and our patients. Our hair restoration offices are located in Bensalem, PA right outside of NE Philadelphia, New York City and Woodbridge, New Jersey.

  • Address:- 5 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10001
  • Contact No:- (877) 602-2774
  • Email:- [email protected]
  • Treatments:- Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Restoration, Hair Transplant, Hair Replacement, Neograft FUE Hair Transplant

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