8 Social Media Strategies for online Conferences

The role of social media is evolving with time. It has expanded terrifically especially during the tough times of global pandemic. If you are a professional who is looking for the perfect way to promote your upcoming conferences or events, then social media will be your best bet for sure.

You can now take advantage of social media to promote your events or conferences. With this promotion, you can also communicate and entice the targeted attendees in a very simple way.

8 Social Media Strategies for online Conferences

If you are looking for making your event a great success, ensure these 8 social media strategies that you can apply to your virtual promotion. By doing this you will be able to make the most out of your social media efforts!

  1. Follow key people on social media before the conference

    Do you want to know where you can find your target attendees? Well, the answer is quite simple: just look for popular personalities hailing from the same industry as you are. Nowadays, everyone has their personal social media account and followers, hence reaching out to famous people has become easy and beneficial.
    For instance, if you are hosting a science conference reaching out to some of the biggest names in the scientific field should become your target.
    The key reason behind this is that if you follow a popular person in your field it will enable you to find more people. With more followers, you can easily generate more potential attendees in your upcoming virtual conference.
  2. Use modern social media strategies to create a buzz

    The new trends and rules in digital marketing is evolving constantly, some of the most useful marketing techniques are:
    => Search engine optimization (SEO)
    => Content marketing
    => Social media marketing
    => Pay-per-click advertisements
    These strategies can help in maximizing your efforts in getting the word out in regards to your upcoming conferences. The techniques do need some funding but are surely the best option to gain the audience you require.
  3. Use powerful hashtags for virtual conferences

    Hashtag usage is an important part of a successful social media strategy and is more than just a trend. If you want to gain more audience and followers in your conference use key hashtags on your social media post and page.
    Hashtags are the best way to organize conversations around the conference. This can enable your potential audience to easily find you with the help of your selected hashtags.
    Make sure to use good and important hashtags that fit your event absolutely. Remember, your audience should be clear and concise about your conference using simple words will make it easier for them.
    Keep in mind that your motive for using a hashtag is to help people remember what the event is about and help you reach out to more audiences with accurate tagging.
  4. Encourage the audience to ask questions through social media

    Want your attendees to participate more in your conference? Start interacting more with them by creating a powerful buzz. This can offer a great opportunity to share more about what your target attendees are expecting from your event. It can also help you address their hesitations if there is any, and provide them with every possible need to make them feel more excited about the event.
    By motivating your attendees to raise their queries and concerns, you gain more followers and maximize the viewership. This could be a great way to help them know how effective it will be to participate in the event that you are hosting.
  5. Invest in targeted social Ads

    Investing in targeted social Ads is one of the great and most convenient ways to get to the correct attendees. And why not? It is the most flexible way of marketing for various organizations and professionals. It can help in amplifying your reach productively. It is a preferred way for many marketers who would like to target mobile end users to generate brand awareness and increase their content marketing.
    Furthermore that, targeted social Ads can provide sufficient market insight to any marketer. This gives you a better opportunity to enhance your marketing efforts and enable you to reach out to the correct attendees, which will help you streamline your marketing strategies for the upcoming event.
  6. Follow up with your new connections

    One of the bonus points about marketing via various social media platforms is that you can create new qualified connections and keep up with them for your future promotions.
    Suppose you have recently created a new connection within your professional network and now you are providing them with every detail about what is happening on your end and sharing with them your upcoming events, how profitable will that be for you and your clients?
    Maybe there are chances that your new connection is looking out for a conference that might develop their career initially. They might also help you get new professional connections who can become a part of your conference potentially.
  7. Be consistent with your promotions

    Keep on working with your marketing strategies until your event starts. You have to stay consistent and provide attendees with everything they need so that they are excited and engaged. You can drum up their interest by:
    => Offer a secret giveaway to your audience at the end of the conference.
    => Counting down the minutes/hour/days on your official event website.
    => Keep sharing related content on your social media account and include event hashtags.
  8. Don’t forget to follow up with your attendees post-conference

    To promote a successful event organizers should focus on their attendees' feedback. This could help them grow and learn from their mistakes. Things you can do post-conference are:
    => Stick around after the virtual conference is over
    => Set up a link consisting of a full recording of the conference
    => Send out post-event surveys and polls

Over to you.

All in all, Time and again, social media has proven its worth as a marketing and communication tool for different organizations and professionals in today’s world.

So if you are looking forward to hosting a conference, no matter what your target the audience may be — educators, professionals, general audience, bookworms, freelancers, geeks, and so forth you will find that social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, youtube, and Instagram are the best places for the shout out of your Virtual event. So take note of these eight social media strategies and start leveraging the right set of attendees for your conference.

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