How to Build an Online Marketplace? (Guide 2023 by Experts)

Buyers and sellers can conduct business online using marketplaces. Although Amazon is the most well-known online marketplace, numerous smaller, niche online marketplaces also specialize in specific categories of items. Etsy, for example, is an online marketplace for handmade goods, whereas Fiverr is a marketplace for digital services.

By connecting and executing transactions online, online marketplaces provide a convenient way for buyers and sellers to conduct online sales and buying. Marketplaces also enable firms to reach a bigger audience of potential customers than they might otherwise. Because of the rise of the sharing economy and the simplicity of online transactions, this type of platform has grown in popularity in recent years.

Top 10 Popular Online Marketplaces

The Best Platforms for Selling Your Products. This is the most popular online marketplaces to selling your products or services. Checkout which platforms are best for your products/services.

  1. Amazon.
  2. Walmart.
  3. Mercado Libre.
  4. Upwork.
  5. Fiverr.
  6. eBay.
  7. Wish.
  8. Etsy.
  9. Alibaba.
  10. Google Express.
  11. Shopee.
  12. Flipkart.
  13. Mercari.
  14. peoplePerHour (PPH).


How Much Does it Cost to Build a Marketplace Website?

The main cost associated with marketplace website  is design & development, which starts at around $25/hour. Other common costs include flow design and testing. Realistically, Online marketplace development pricing falls between $41,000 and $3,00,000.

Depending on the complexity of the features, at 30 - 40$ per hour, the average price will be:

  • Simple online marketplace:- $41,000-$80,000
  • Medium online marketplace:- $80,000 - $150,000
  • Complex online marketplace:- $150,000-$280,000 and more.

Some of The Advantages of Online Marketplaces

Advantages of Online Marketplace Platforms

  1. Increased reach:- An online Marketplace Development Expert allows you to reach a bigger pool of buyers (and vice versa).
  2. Wider variety:- Marketplaces provide a wide range of items and services, making it simple for buyers to find what they are looking for.
  3. 24/ 7 operation:- Unlike traditional stores, you can shop online at any time of day or night.
  4. Lower costs:- Online sales have fewer overhead costs than traditional businesses because there is no physical location.
  5. Convenient features:- Consumers may use customer reviews and ratings to make better decisions and save time and money.

Online Marketplaces Categories

Online Marketplace Development Categories

  1. eCommerce Marketplace Development:- E-commerce marketplaces relate to the process of buying and selling in the digital mode. These digital platforms often solely sell actual things ranging from clothing to food.
  2. Service-based Marketplace Development:- Marketplaces that explicitly deal with providing services to customers, such as painters, plumbers, electricians, professional photographers, and many others.

From Create a Marketplace Website to establishing and growing your business, each piece provides a wealth of practical guidance tailored to peer-to-peer, B2C, and B2B marketplaces. 

Steps to Build an Online Marketplace

1. Pick a Profitable Market

When you develop a Shopify Marketplace in a sector with a large number of suppliers and customers, it is easier to deliver value.

When the industry is small (or too "niche"), it is doubtful that many providers will join your marketplace. This is because all of the buyers know the providers personally and will not require your services. 

Furthermore, such suppliers have most likely already approached the buyers in their niche. That is, they do not need or choose not to interact with an intermediary.

2. Define Your Specific Value Proposition

What difference would it make if you create a Marketplace Development to connect your target shoppers and sellers? 

Will it result in significant time or financial savings? Would it result in much better access? 

Market abundance must be the norm, just as it is in real life. Being digital has virtually become a synonym for 'from anywhere.' Customers anticipate a price savings as a brick and mortar construction (and its associated expenditures) is no longer required.


There are three gears that can be used alone or in unison:

  • Market access focus:- Significantly increasing consumer access to additional providers and products.
  • Price focus:- delivering a considerably better pricing than available locally.
  • Convenience focus:- limiting time spent on something you do not need to do.


3. Estimate the size of your market.

After addressing the marketplace drivers, you must determine the size of your digitally addressable market.

If you come from a particularly specific vertical (for example, hotel furniture), you most likely have a thorough understanding of the sector's data as well as distribution networks.

If not, you should contact industry organisations that have access to this type of information. Alternatively, utilize Google or another reliable source such as

In addition to determining the present market size, it is beneficial to understand the current immediate digital Marketplace Development potential. You can help yourself in this by using Google's Keyword Tool! 

4. Build your Distribution Model.

Google Adwords allows for more than just market sizing. It also allows you to truly touch the market - by encouraging individuals to click your link while they are seeking for your products. When you complain about your problems, a pharmacist may advise you to purchase X, Y, or Z product. It also works.

The same is true for YouTube videos, especially 'how to' tutorials. If a smartphone specialist convinces you that a device is excellent, you are more likely to put out your payment card. 

If one or more YouTubers cover your vertical, having them test your product is always a good idea.

There is no correct or incorrect response, and what works now tends to fade away with time. 

Other platforms imitate, and consumers become tired of seeing certain ad styles. Display advertising are an excellent example. When the first one was released, it received 95% of the clicks. The average display ad now has a click rate of 0.05%.

Nothing compares the consistent effort of slowly experimenting in everything. Test many ways on your preferred digital media to get the optimal balance of mean, message, and originality.

5. Determine the Best Business Model and Study the Economics

This leads you to the CPA/LTV rationale of your company. In 'normal' enterprises, you consider shop or office rentals, warehousing, staff, advertising and sales costs, and so on. It's different when Develop a Shopify Marketplace. 

In a Marketplace Development, you must simultaneously draw supply and demand by providing providers with a low-cost option to sell and consumers with an abundance of things at low rates.

Commission Model (Transactions)

This is the simplest, but it is now uncommon in a Marketplace Development economy.

  1. Pack of Actions Model (Leads):- This is typically aimed at vendor-centric marketplaces like OLX or TaskRabbit.
  2. Highlight Model (Leads):- This could be the oldest model. Craigslist was unable to charge online for offline transactions in the 1990s. As a result, users could pay to have their advertising appear at the top of the list, be highlighted in yellow, have large fonts, and other benefits.

Subscription + Actions + Commission + Highlight + Co-Branding + Fee per Item + CPC (leads + transactions)

As major markets grow in size, they tend to adopt a model that provides a plethora of possibilities to their suppliers.

Certain vendors are permitted to utilize their own namesakes in exchange for a high fee and guaranteed sales on Alibaba and Amazon. 

Marketplace Development Expert, in general, and over time, pay attention to their communities. They advance to more complicated models that allow suppliers to take full advantage of the marketplace's capabilities while also creating new revenue streams for the marketplaces themselves.

6. Build a full frame Better Product

If you Create a Marketplace Website that is 10x better than your competitors, you should survive because you will be able to offer the best items or services from the best suppliers, at unique rates or advantages.

Have the best solutions in place to help your suppliers' Develop a Shopify Marketplace, obtain insights, and receive exposure.

Own a well-thought-out or Create a Marketplace Website that disrupts its niche and provides end users with a fantastic experience.

To do so, you'll need a savvy blend of knowledge and insight in the specific area you're investigating, as well as product and UX UI competence.

To gratify vendors and buyers alike, you'll need a cutting-edge technology staff and the correct sales/onboarding/pricing approach. 

Generally, you must verify that: 

  • Buyers can transact confidently, conveniently, and frequently.
  • Your marketplace has enough merchants to meet rising client demand.

Making things simple is the first step:

  • Make it simple to buy and sell.
  • Provide variety.
  • Loyalty should be rewarded.

7. Maintain mutual trust on both sides.

Does your product adhere to modern trust-building techniques and convey a strong sense of trust?

When it comes to developing trust, there are a few general guidelines to follow, depending on the industry of your marketplace:

  • Include a lot of photos and videos.
  • Over explain and over document.
  • Display Authenticity.
  • Ensure that payments are secure.

8. Secure and Expand Your Brand

After you've launched, your vendors and buyers will look to you to resolve disagreements. Ensure that all parties adhere to high standards and can expect to be rewarded for their commitment.

This will attract additional buyers and suppliers through viral and word-of-mouth marketing.

A Marketplace Development Expert is in fact an ecosystem that requires active administration and maintenance. This will result in growth and will keep vendors/buyers from going to your competition.

The trust-building measures stated in point six will keep buyers coming in organically. These enable for great SEO.

To actively protect the business in your ecosystem, you might consider making the buying and selling process more dynamic to allow for increasing frequency.

For suppliers, this typically takes the shape of management dashboard solutions, such as the ability for a restaurant to receive seating information and control via restaurant booking apps. 

But more importantly, this means relying on tried-and-true strategies to increase sales, such as price alerts, flash sales, special discounts for loyal customers, and other programs that prioritize customer loyalty. Even if they can find merchants who will pay lower commissions elsewhere, this should keep them from leaving!


Modern digital marketplace structures are continually changing. Their owners should anticipate potential risks, anticipate impending developments, and keep up with emerging advances. The must-have qualities of contemporary eCommerce marketplaces for the upcoming year are presented in this article. 

There are many items on the list; therefore you are not required to utilize them all. We advise examining them, seeing how they align with your objectives and goals, and then making a choice including the cost of online marketplace development. If you are unsure of what you need, our dependable and knowledgeable Marketplace Development Expert is prepared to talk with you and offer assistance.

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