Lasik Eye Surgery - Remedy, Procedure, Risk

With people leading a wrong kind of lifestyle, lack of exercise and well balanced food and nutrition combined with poor sleep and late night movies, extended computer and smartphone usage has only caused poor eyesight.

These days, people in huge numbers visit the Best Eye Hospital in India to examine their eyes and to get proper treatment at the earliest. If the eye is not tested and proper steps or remedy is not taken, then it is quite natural for the person to lose his sight partially and finally, permanently. Taking care of the eyes is of utmost importance and if the need arises, medications and surgical options should be looked at after consulting the reputed eye doctors and surgeons. 

What is Lasik Eye Surgery?

LASIK stands for ‘Laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis’. It is a form of eye procedure performed on the patients to rectify their vision problems. this is termed to be a wonderful remedy to those not desiring to use or having problems with using corrective lenses or eye glasses. It is a common type of refractive eye surgical procedure, which changes the cornea shape that is located in front of eye. This laser eye surgery type refracts or bends light rays, so as to focus upon the retina instead of other points that are short or beyond the retina. The objective here is to provide the patient with much clearer and sharper vision. 

When to avail this lasik eye surgery surgical remedy?

Those suffering from vision related issues like astigmatism, myopia or nearsightedness and hyperopia or farsightedness. 

  • Myopia: As eyeball becomes much longer than what is normal or as cornea gets curved sharply, the light rays get focused before retina to blur distant vision, is termed as Myopia. Those with myopia will be able to view close things much clearer, however, not the ones at a distant. 
  • Hyperopia: As eyeball becomes shorter than average or perhaps cornea becomes excessively flat, then light instead of focusing on the retina tends to focus just behind it. 
  • Astigmatism: The cornea curves or witnesses uneven flatness thus disrupting distant and near vision. 

Lasik Eye Surgery Risks involved

Laser eye surgery procedure does come with numerous risks which are quite similar to the other surgical procedures conducted. hence, it will be wise for the person to undertake proper research and ensure making informed decisions, so as to know what outcome is to be expected from the surgery. Few risks are as follows:

  • Over-corrections if excess tissue gets removed from eye. 
  • Under-corrections if very little tissue is removed from the eye. This does not provide the much expected clear vision.
  • Loss of vision or changes, although a rare circumstance. 
  • Vision back to pre-surgery mode due to hormonal imbalances, pregnancy and abnormal wound healing. 
  • Double vision, glare and halos.
  • Astigmatism due to uneven tissue removal.
  • Flab problems including infections, inflammation and tears. 
  • Decreased tear production causing dry eyes during the initial few months.

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It is of extreme importance to seek medical assistance from the best eye hospital in india that should boast of having the top eye doctors and surgeons in the domain. They should have the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and qualification. It is equally crucial to know that some health conditions would only increase the complications and risks. The best way to do away with the Lasik surgery involved risks is to visit a doctor who can be trusted upon. The doctor will recommend series of health checks, so as to find the current state of health and if the patient is eligible and ready to undergo the eye surgery.

Lasik Eye Surgery Preparation

The doctor consulted is to guide the patient to making all the correct decisions and go through the surgical preparatory stage. The patient needs to perform few things to ensure risk-free surgery and to get the best results.

Stop using contact lenses some weeks before undergoing the surgery as it might distort the cornea shape, thus leading to causing poor surgical outcome or inaccurate measurements. 

Eye make-up is better avoided the day prior to undergoing the surgery. Eye lashes are to be cleaned daily to remove accumulated debris and to minimize unwanted infection risks. 

It will be necessary to know the costs involved for the surgery. 

Having all valuable information can help enjoy the best outcome as desired.

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