Knee Related Issues: Should You Consider Knee Replacement Procedure?

Your legs and knees help you walk and to do the regular activities and stay on your toes. But what if you have extreme pain and discomfort in your knees? Do you think you can do something about it? Well, knee related issues take place with everyone and if they don’t get addressed timely; they can cause a severe outcome too.

In case the knee pain you are experiencing has impacted your quality of life, it could be time to consider knee replacement surgery.  It is important that you talk to the doctor as soon as possible. What is the point if the pain gets adverse and you even fail to stand up and walk? Sometimes it is better to take a step in time than to feel regretful later on.

You know though there are various conditions which may lead to the requirement for knee replacement, arthritis (whether it is osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or even traumatic arthritis) is the commonest reason. There are different other   factors too that contribute to joint disease like that of genetics, repetitive injuries, developmental abnormalities and obesity. If you go to the best knee replacement surgeon in India or in your area, you can find out quick and effective treatments for your knee condition. The point is to get it evaluated by expert and find out the gravity of the condition.

It is important to know that knee joint is the largest and most complicated and therefore the most stressed joint in the body. It is such a complexity and stress that can cause arthritis. Knee replacement surgery – whether complete or partial – is an effective and good treatment for degenerative arthritis in the knee joint. Arthritis impacts more than forty million people in the US, over ten million in the UK and even tens of millions more across the world. So, you have to be really careful about it.

Why do people go for knee surgery?

For the majority of individuals who have knee replacement surgery, the procedure ends up in:

  • A decrease in pain
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Enhancement in activities of regular living
  • Enhanced quality of life.
  • Kinds of Arthritis that might lead to Knee Replacement


It emerges when cartilage on the gliding surface of your knee starts to wearing away, triggering pain and stiffness. When the cartilage wears away totally, the bones rub directly against each other triggering decreased mobility and chronic pain. Osteoarthritis is most common in individuals fifty and older, but it is also prevalent in people having a family history of arthritis or people with lifestyles that stress the joints, such as labourers and athletes.

Rheumatoid arthritis

It is actually an autoimmune ailment in which the body’s immune system starts to attack the synovial membrane causing it to get inflamed and overproduce synovial fluid (the fluid that oils your joints). More importantly, the procedure also triggers damage and wear to the articular cartilage.

Traumatic arthritis

It is something that ends up from a serious knee injury, such as ligament damage, fracture or meniscus tears. The influence of the accident also triggers mini trauma to the articular cartilage that over time, develops into osteoarthritis, triggering knee pain and that of stiffness.

Knee degeneration can also be triggered by a condition referred to as avascular necrosis or even AVN (the proper medical name is basically osteochondritis desiccants or osteochondritis javelinist). It is mostly found in young adults and adolescents; AVN emerges in patches on the articular surface, mainly on the femoral condyles (the rounded protrusions in end of the femur). The bone gets soft and loses unity with the chief bone, even to the extent wherein fragments can separate and turn out to be loose bodies inside the joint.

These fragments can differ from very small to large fragments and it is something that results in instability, pain and even joint locking. Some of the treatments can be applied to resolve the individual patches though usually the condition subsides as the patient develops into adulthood. However, where large areas have been impacted, arthritic changes are not rare in any age from late teens to old age. The point is it is something that can be experienced by people in all age groups.  If you think that you are a middle aged person and hence you would not experience it then think again.


Thus, knee replacement is one thing that can give you hope to lead a proper and active life after any severe knee conditions. Make sure that you consider this procedure.

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