Top 15 Best Multivendor Marketplaces for Ecommerce Platforms

In the current marketplace, it is far easier than ever to launch an online marketplace platform. With multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform solutions, you may have your own online marketplace platform up and running rapidly.

You don't need to hire a eCommerce developer to build source code with these ready-made software solutions. It has all of the fundamental elements and functions of a standard multi-vendor marketplace, such as Amazon, Walmart, or eBay.

If you wish to build your own e-commerce business using the multivendor marketplace concept, you will need multivendor software to assist you.

What is A Multivendor Marketplace?

A multivendor marketplace is a single website where anyone can sign up to sell their own products and services. Each seller has their own shop where they can sell their wares. When a user searches for a product on the site, any seller that sells that product may appear in the search results.

Amazon, Walmart, and eBay are examples of major multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform that you may already be familiar with and use. These employ the horizontal business model, in which several vendors sell a diverse range of products unrelated to any single niche.


These multivendor software solutions are also suitable for the vertical marketplace business model, which concentrates on a certain niche. Vertical marketplaces, such as Airbnb, Uber, and Upwork, are focused on hotel and lodging, transportation, and freelancing.

Let's take a look at the top 15 possibilities for you to consider, as well as the pricing model.

1. Dokan (WooCommerce Extension)

Dokan (WooCommerce Extension)

Dokan is a multivendor marketplace solution with numerous features for both clients and vendors. Every client and provider receive a comprehensive front-end dashboard. Vendors can also manage their inventory, such as sales, orders, discounts, and so on.

Furthermore, it is WordPress-powered and built on WooCommerce, the top eCommerce WordPress plugin. As a result, the user interface is simplified and ideal for first-time users. Among the 1.78 million total downloads, Dokan is used by 70,000+ active online marketplace platform.

Furthermore, it enables you to construct any form of marketplace and sell any type of product. Whether physical, service-based, or digital products are involved

Dokan Pricing Model

  • Basic:- Free
  • Starter:- $149/Year
  • Professional:- $249/Year
  • Business:- $499/Year
  • Enterprise:- $999/Year

2. CS-Cart

CS-Cart - eCommerce Platform

Do you need a dependable, scalable e-commerce platform that can handle several vendors? Don't look any farther than CS-Cart! It's a sophisticated program that's simple to use and totally adjustable to meet your specific business demands, and you can use it as an example of a multivendor website.

Furthermore, the built-in capabilities make it simple to manage inventory, track orders, and process customer payments. With CS-Cart, you can give your online store the push it deserves!

CS-Cart Pricing Model

  • Standard:- $1450/one-time
  • Plus:- $3500/one-time
  • Ultimate:- $7500/one-time

3. BigCommerce Multivendor

BigCommerce Multivendor

BigCommerce Multivendor is one of the greatest ecommerce marketplace platforms, with a number of connections that make it simple to connect your online store to marketing software such as MailChimp and Marketo.

BigCommerce multivendor allows you to manage your inventory, orders, and customers all in one place. Furthermore, their robust order management system makes it simple to track sales and payments from different vendors.

They provide a number of tools, ranging from SEO to customer service, to help you manage your website effectively.

BigCommerce Pricing Model

  • Standard:- $29.95/mo
  • Plus:- $79.95/mo
  • Pro:- $299.95/mo

4. IXXO Multivendor 

IXXO Multivendor Development

IXXO is a premier multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform with over 1,200 payment channels and 30 language and currency options. In addition, the platform provides marketplaces with hundreds of thousands of products in over 150 countries.

The drag-and-drop capability makes it simple to modify your business to fit your branding requirements.

With its simple interface and no need for coding or SEO experience, you can create a multivendor e-commerce website and manage your store with ease.

IXXO Pricing Model

  • Basic:- $845/lifetime fee
  • Starter:- $1495/lifetime fee
  • Business:- $2795/lifetime fee
  • Enterprise:- Requires contact with sales

5. Yo!Kart

Y! Kart - Best Multivendor Marketplace

YoKart is a wonderful choice for organizations searching for an easy-to-use, low-cost platform. Email integrations, customizable themes, and other capabilities are available with YoKart.

With a responsive design, this multivendor ecommerce system is mobile and desktop friendly. Some disadvantages include the lack of personalized branding possibilities, restricted payment channels, and fewer SEO tools than competing platforms.

Yo!Kart Pricing Scheme

  • GoQuick's lifetime license costs $999.
  • GoQuickBoost:- $2499 for a lifetime license
  • GoCustom:- $7499 for a lifetime license

6. Shuup

Shuup - Multivendor Platform

Shuup is India's most popular e-commerce platform. It was one of the first platforms to provide a platform for selling digital products, physical goods, and services online, revolutionizing the multivendor marketplace solution.

Shuup includes excellent features such as inventory management across all stores, order and delivery automation, payment processing, and customer care.

Shuupe pricing model

Shuup's pricing approach differs from those of other multivendor marketplaces. There are just two monthly base packages available. The SaaS licensing bundle costs $299 per month, and the self-hosted license costs $1499 per month.

7. Shipturtle Multivendor

Shipturtle Multivendor_

Shipturtle is a multivendor ecommerce platform that offers online shoppers an easy-to-use shopping cart and payment experience. Shipturtle allows you to quickly sell and buy things from a variety of sellers, all with a simple checkout and payment.

Some advantages of the Shipturtle ecommerce platform make it a smart choice for enterprises. They provide user-friendly solutions with a number of connectors and plugins to make your business's experience more convenient.

Shipturtle Pricing Model

  • Beginner:- Free (100 orders per month)
  • Startup: $19/mo
  • Business: $19/mo
  • Enterprise: $69/mo

8. CedCommerce Multivendor

CedCommerce Multivendor

CedCommerce is a platform that allows you to sell different things from your website. This makes it particularly desirable to organizations looking for a multivendor ecommerce platform, as it provides all of the tools required to build and maintain an online business.

There are numerous advantages to using CedCommerce, including the ability to sell in over 20 countries worldwide. They also provide a number of connections that allow you to connect your website to other platforms, such as Facebook or Amazon. These integrations provide your clients with simple access to their favorite products without requiring them to leave your website.

CedCommerce Pricing Model

  • Basic:- $60 + $100 (Enterprise/Commerce)
  • Platinum:- $299 + $200 (Enterprise/Commerce)
  • Advance:- $1600 + $1000 (Enterprise/Commerce)

9. Omnyfy Multivendor

Omnyfy Multivendor Platform

Omnyfy is a multivendor ecommerce platform that is both inexpensive and simple to use. It also offers an omni-channel experience, which means it can be used not just on your website but also on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Omnyfy Pricing Model

Omnyfy has a flat-rate pricing approach for the first month because there is no free or trial period. They divided their pricing plan into three categories: essentials, expand, and enterprise.

The Essentials bundle starts at $989 per month (on a contract of 24 months). After the first contact, you must contact them again to expand your package.

10. Multivendor Marketplace (Wix Extension)

Multivendor Marketplace (Wix Extension)

Would you like to turn your Wix eCommerce site into a multivendor marketplace? Or are you planning to use Wix Builder to create a marketplace? In that case, here's a bonus.

Multivendor Marketplace is a Wix extension that allows you to create a marketplace from your existing business. It enables the insertion of an unlimited number of merchants and products.

You can also designate an existing product to the seller. As a result, it is suitable for individuals who want to transform their business into a multivendor platform.

Pricing Model

Because Wix is a freemium site builder, you can begin with the free version. Alternatively, you can simply purchase one of the premium plans that meet your needs. Monthly fees range from $17 to $35.

After the 10-day free trial period, you must pay according to the premium pricing options of this add-on.

11. X-Cart

X-Cart Multivendor Marketplace

X-Cart is another scalable multivendor marketplace platform that allows for endless growth. This solution creates your ideal marketplace while making management simple. Your merchants have complete control over their items. while you have complete control or monitoring of the store

Furthermore, you can have the product shipped from a single warehouse. Alternatively, let each vendor have their own shop. This allows them to handle the orders and customize the shipment information.

Accounting in X-Cart is also straightforward. The software can handle vendor pay-outs automatically while still allowing you to specify commission rates. If not, you can opt for a manual method.

Pricing Model

The multivendor solution is offered in X-Premium Cart's Marketplace package. And it starts at $399 per month. You receive an infinite number of suppliers, a product catalog for each seller, and other features.

12. Multivendor Marketplace (Magento Extension)

Multivendor Marketplace (Magento Extension)

A multivendor marketplace is required to convert your Magento eCommerce store into a multivendor marketplace. It's a Magento extension with a number of functionalities for you, your suppliers, and your marketplace customers.

You and your vendors can use Google Analytics to track overall growth. You will be able to evaluate and record data from their repositories as a result of this. As a result, it is beneficial to understand your clients and the needs that can be met by your marketplace.

The premium Magento eCommerce platform can cost up to $2,000 per year. This multivendor marketplace platform for Magento is available in the following editions:

Pricing Model

  • Open Source (CE):- $349
  • Commerce on Premise (EE):- $698
  • Commerce on Cloud (ECE):- $698

13. OpenCart Multivendor Marketplace (OpenCart Extension)

OpenCart Multivendor Marketplace

OpenCart Multivendor Marketplace is an OpenCart store's online marketplace platform extension. This module enables you to expand or grow your business to the next level.

Furthermore, it is linked to an email system, which sends an email to vendors after a customer purchases their products. You can also customize the email message as needed.

Hence, each user has their own dashboard. Vendors can also control downloads, items, reviews, and so on from their dashboard. They can also make changes to their profile information.

OpenCart is a free eCommerce platform that can be downloaded from the company's website. You must, however, obtain a hosting service for your website.

Pricing Model

This OpenCart premium marketplace module costs $38.99. It includes six months of free assistance. You will also receive the entire documentation for better support.

14. Multivendor Marketplace Module (PrestaShop Extension)

PrestaShop Extension

Knowband's Multivendor Marketplace Module is a PrestaShop plugin that turns your store into a marketplace. This marketplace module includes an intuitive admin interface as well as a seller-friendly interface.

Furthermore, the admin can control the seller's products, reviews, testimonials, customer feedback, and other features. Sellers, on the other hand, can access their shop profile, list products, handle orders, and so on after registering.

Pricing Model

PrestaShop eCommerce is completely free. However, you must hunt for a hosting service independently. It does have a premium version that starts at roughly $24.9/month.

The price for this multivendor marketplace module is 139.99 euros for a year. After that, the business care costs 40 euros.

15. Sharetribe

Sharetribe Multivendor Marketplace for Ecommerce Platforms

Are you looking for an eCommerce platform to help you quickly develop your small marketplace? Then choose Sharetribe.

Sharetribe is a well-known solution that includes two services. They are Sharetribe Go and Sharetribe Flex, respectively. Choose "Go" if you want to quickly create a small marketplace. Select Flex for a next-level, large-scale marketplace.

As a result, you can use this platform to meet any requirement. It makes no difference if you are launching a niche peer-to-peer platform or a worldwide B2B enterprise. The best aspect is that there is no coding necessary. It offers all of the features and settings you need to set up and administer your marketplace.

Pricing Model

  • Basic:- 100 users, unlimited traffic, listings, images, and transactions for $99 monthly or $79 semi-annually.
  • Pro:- $149 per month payable monthly or $119 per month billed semi-annually; 1000 users; all basic plan features; own domain and email address
  • Growth:- $199 per month invoiced monthly or $159 per month billed semi-annually, 10K users, all Pro plan features
  • Scale:- $299 per month invoiced monthly or $239 per month billed semi-annually; 100K users; all Growth Plan features

Select Your Multivendor Platform Carefully!

Multivendor ecommerce platforms have become the industry standard. Companies are recognizing that the benefits of a multivendor marketplace outweigh the drawbacks. Before you decide to use a multivendor ecommerce platform, as a business owner, you should be informed of the dangers and benefits.

The easiest method to choose the finest multivendor ecommerce platform for your business is to conduct research and determine which features are vital to you, what ecommerce site design you require for your online store, and so on. Once you've made your decision, it's time to figure out which platform would work best for your company.

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