7 amazing places to explore in Agra

A weekend trip to Agra will be a great place to explore if you are planning to make a weekend trip or any travel plan. This article will be about 7 amazing places that you can explore in Agra and if you are planning a trip to Agra then must keep these 7 places in your bucket list so that you can make the amazing place in Agra.

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Let’s start with 7 amazing places in Agra :

Taj Mahal :

Obviously, Taj Mahal is the top amazing place and will be always amazing places in any article you can find online. As you all know this place is the 7th wonder of the World. You need to visit the Taj Mahal in the early morning to see its extraordinary beauty while the sun kisses the white marbles. There is some entry fees and keep in mind that on Fridays this place remains closed. The Taj Mahal was built in the year 1653.

Taj Museum :

The Taj Museum is situated on the west side of the garden and here you can find the original ivory painting of emperor Shahjahan and his wife Mumtaj. You can see many things like the coins used in the Mughal era and some plates that said to become changed in color if any poisonous food is served on these plates. The entry fee of this Museum is absolutely free. To explore historic things you must go to this Taj Museum.

I’timād-ud-Daulah :

I’timād-ud-Daulah is called baby Taj as this monument is built with white marble and is looks like the Taj Mahal but on a smaller size that’s why it is called as Baby Taj. You can take a walk around its beautiful white stone-made architecture. There is a small entry fee which you need to pay to visit this place.

Mehtab Bagh :

This stunning greenery-enriched garden was built by Emperor Babur and is situated in the north of the Taj complex. You can see the picture-perfect Taj Mahal from this Garden. This Garden also called as Moonlight garden because you can see a stunning pictures of sunset and sunrise. And taking photos in this place will be just awesome.

Agra Fort :

The fort was planned and built by emperor Akbar to make a military base in Mughal Empire. This fort is built on red sandstone thus this place is also called Red Fort. If you are in Agra then you must need to visit this Agra Fort or else your trip will be incomplete. The place is also a UNESCO world heritage site and it's just 2.5 KM from the Taj Mahal. The fort has many hidden places, myths and corridors that attract visitors to explore a long time in this place.

Akbar’s Tomb :

In this grad structure of red sandstone there lies the tomb of great Mughal Emperor Akbar. It was then said that an emperor has to build his own tomb in his lifetime. Thus this Timb is built by Akbar. And it also a great place to visit.

Sikandra Fort :

The Sikandra fort houses the tomb of Akbar and it's a great place for architecture lovers. The building is made of red sandstone The fort design is made with a blend of Hindu and Muslim architectural concepts and many visitors love to visit the place only to grasp the beauty of its design.

Wrapping up :

Well, the 7 amazing places listed above in the article are truly amazing places that you need to explore if you are in Agra. The places that are listed above will need time for 2-3 days but will give you immense exploration. If you looking to get relief from daily chaotic life and looking for a short break somewhere nearby then this 7 attraction in Agra is excellent.

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