Central Coast Conservatorium of Music is a community based, non-tertiary institution, funded by the local community in the form of tuition fees and assisted by the State Government. Central Coast Conservatorium is a member of The Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums, a network of 16 regional Conservatoriums based throughout New South Wales. University of Newcastle provides and maintains the premises (the Old Courthouse and Police Station in Mann Street, Gosford) and Gosford City Council provides the Demountables and parking area in Georgiana Terrace.


  • Children’s Music
  • Learn in School
  • Private Lessons
  • Ensembles Program

Central Coast Conservatorium offers great music learning programs. Music has a very strong healing effect. We feel it like an achievement and this greatly boosts up the morale music learners.

Central Coast Conservatorium offers music lessons for students of all ages. These lessons aim to build music an integral part of students life. The music lessons are progressive and structured in a way so that beginners can understand and learn them easily.

Central Conservatorium offers extremely beneficial music education for the student ones as they get to explore the power of rhythm, melody, and tone. There are several benefits of learning music at early age. Central Coast Conservatorium School has well- equipped and Experienced and qualified music teachers.

We will support you and help you learn the music well. Central Coast Conservatorium offers Learning music at a young age can be very beneficial for children. Early Childhood Music lessons can have a significant positive influence in the social development of a child.

Central Coast Conservatorium is one of the best places from where you can start leaning singing and other musical instruments. They have some of the best and experienced professionals working with them that can help you to become a professional singer. Central Coast Conservatorium is a premier music school from where you can music lessons. The music classes are offered by some of the most reputed music teachers. Usually one-to-one tuition is provided to the students.

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