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Quality Web Hosting Services for Small-Scale Businesses

In a sea of web hosting services, finding the right service can be a daunting task but we will help you in finding that service which is best suited for your business. Are you the business owner on the verge of introducing an e-commerce website for your business? Or do you wish to upgrade an existing website with modern technological standards?

They I am sure you must be familiar with web hosting services. With the advent of the modern internet, so many web hosting services have popped up that you will be hard pressed to count them.

But choosing the right service is of utmost importance. Most of them provide multiple service plans. Many factors have to be considered such as a shared hosting service, is there a requirement for a dedicated hosting service or should you deploy a WordPress hosting?

But how do you know your requirements and the difference between the competing services?

We will help you in identifying the best suited services and how to identify it among the sea of services. We will explain the difference between a dedicated hosting service and a shared hosting service, VPS and cloud service. We will also compare other services for you based on your requirement. We also suggest the best web hosting services by doing an extensive research.

But knowing the exact requirements of your business is very critical in choosing the service and discussing these details with the service representative to understand if they can cater to your exact requirements in finalizing the best service provider for your business is important.

However, with the unstable nature of the net neutrality where most of the rules have been removed yet few states that have retained the net neutrality are to be considered. If the net neutrality has been implemented in a state or a country, then the internet service provider cannot give preference to one content provider above others and has to treat all the web traffic as equal, this includes your own service.

But if net neutrality rules are not present in a state, then the small-scale business may have to pay in order to move into the fast lanes of the internet without which they cannot hope to compete against the big players. This helps in the consumer viewing your website without any load times and relatively with ease.

In plain terms, you can hire the best web hosting service in the world, still the internet service provider of the consumer can throttle your website so that it would take a long time to load on the consumer’s screen. If you do not pay the service fee that the hosting company demands, then it would be very difficult for the website to reach the screen of the consumer.

Various kinds of web hosting

There are numerous hosting services that can cater to different kinds of business needs. Hence a better understanding of your long-term needs is as important as your immediate needs. That is essential for the flourishing of your website as well as your business. Another important aspect is that the service should not only handle your immediate needs but should also be able to expand according to the growth that will be attained in the future.

Below is the list of the type of web hosting services in existence.

Shared web hosting

The most pocket-friendly service is the shared web hosting. The functionality of the service is obvious by its name. The server that the service company assigns to your business is also shared with other businesses. This is most suitable for the businesses that are just starting out or to the business which does not have much traffic inflow to its website.

The bandwidth and the disk space that is made available on the server is pretty much limited to the plan that you have paid for. Additional charges will be applied if the resources that you are allocated gets exhausted. But one thing to note is that this service is not suitable for growing e-commerce websites but if the resources are limited, then the plan is available.

Managed WordPress hosting

As the name indicated, managed WordPress hosting is optimized for the WordPress websites. This service is generally much faster than the shared web hosting. It also offers much better uptime as well as cybersecurity. But this service could prove troublesome for the services that have customizable pages for WordPress. This is caused by the plugin that is used and not all the service providers will have support for these kinds of plugins. It is also more expensive than the shared web hosting.

Dedicated web hosting

This service is similar to the shared web hosting but the difference is that when you buy this service, the service provider assigns an entire server to your website that will not be shared by anybody else. This service is best suited for a website that has heavy traffic or is poised to have a gradual increase in the traffic to the website in the near future. The pricing is much higher since an entire server is dedicated to the website.

VPS hosting

This is an interesting web hosting service. It is a hybrid option that only few service providers make available. VPS stands for virtual private server that provides a dedicated web hosting experience within the shared hosting service plan. The main advantage of this service is the pricing of shared hosting but with the benefits of dedicated hosting like increased bandwidth and disk space.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is fundamentally very similar to the VPS hosting. Some service providers have removed the term VPS from their catalog of plans. The essential thing here is that the actual hosting is provided by a network of interlinked servers rather than a single dedicated server. The uptimes are drastically increased along with added protection against DDoSattacks that are quite common today which diverts an unusual amount of traffic to your website to shut it down.


The internet was very restricted in its early days. In fact, it was only used for educational purposes and research in the field of science and engineering. It could handle basic email, USENET and FTP traffic. The main thing was that very few numbers of web pages were in existence. The internet was changing so frequently that the protocols for the world wide web had to be changed to meet the needs and almost 1993 passed away before the graphic web browser could make an appearance on the windows pc or a Macintosh. Until the year 1995, the term internet produced some mixed reactions.

People accessing the internet was very limited and for a company to have its presence on the internet, they needed to have a website. To have a website, they needed to own their own server or a computer. The pricing was so high and the complexities so great that not every company could have their own website. This lead to the birth of the web hosting service companies that provided all the necessary infrastructure and technical expertise to maintain a website without the client owing any piece of hardware or a software.

The owners of the website are called as webmasters and these webmasters could create a website on a remote server operated by the hosting company and publish it on the internet. As the internet grew, so did the websites and the actual use of the internet. Pressure mounted on the small and big companies alike to have an online presence. This lead to companies like tripod and geocities offering web hosting for no cost.

Colocation web hosting service

Fundamentally, colocation web hosting service is very similar to the dedicated hosting but with the exception that the user needs to own a colo server additionally. The hosting company will provide the space to house the server and will take care of its maintenance but the website owner has to buy the server.

Colocation web hosting service is the most expensive type of web hosting service but is also the most powerful hosting service out there. The hosting company usually give no support for the client’s server with the exception of emergencies. The company only provides internet access, the electricity required to power the machine and a facility to house the server.

The user will have to deploy his own technical server expert whovisits the storage facility to make a hardware or software change or even to upgrade the firmware. Previously, the colocation company would provide a facility for any kind of server given it is within reasonable dimensions but today, the companies only accept servers that can be rack mounted and those that meet the minimum specifications.

Clustered hosting

Clustered hosting is the method where multiple servers host the same data with the ultimate aim of optimal usage of the resources. This type of web hosting is best suited for dedicated web hosting that has high availability. It also provides a web hosting answer for the scalability factor.
The cluster will also differentiate web serving when compared to the database hosting capability. Web hosts prefer this kind of hosting plans for the shared web hosting since the advantages are enormous in managing huge number of clients.

Grid hosting

Grid hosting is a kind of dispersed hosting that is suitable when the server cluster functions very similar to the grid and comprises numerous nodes.

Home server

It is possible to host single or multiple websites from a machine that is usually placed in a place of residence with help of an average broadband connection. These machines can be computers that are built with an exact purpose in mind or an abandoned old computer.

But the internet service provider regularly discourages the home server by blocking the requests to port 80 TCP for the consumer’s connection. They also deny the static IP addresses. But there are loopholes in this system. A common workaround lies in attaining a trusted DNS hostname and to open an account in a dynamic DNS service. They assist in automated changing of the IP addresses that the URL leads to when the service provider changes without any intimation.

Types of Web hosting

If you are planning to form your own website then the most basic requirement is to decide the type of web hosting you are going to use. Web hosting is of different types and there are some basic differences among each of them. First decide the short term and long term goals of your website and then choose the type of web hosting which will fulfil your need. Following are the different types of web hosting:

Shared hosting

It is the cheapest type of web hosting. If you do not expect a lot of visitors or customers on your website or if you do not have a lot of customers on your website then shared hosting is the best option to choose. Also, in this type of web hosting you will get limited space with own domain name.
Storage capacity on the server can be upgraded without any extra charges but you will have to share the server with other users. Sharing the server with other users might lead to security and privacy issues. Nevertheless, shared hosting is a suitable choice to mark your presence and build your online business.
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Dedicated server hosting

This is different from shared hosting. You are required to pay for using dedicated server and you do not share any part of this server with other users. Hence there is no need to worry about security and privacy breach. If you are expecting heavy visiting on your website then dedicated hosting is an ideal choice. But on the contrary, it is more expensive than shared hosting.

Managed Word Press hosting
The following are the basic features of managed Word Press hosting:

  • It is specially designed for word press websites.
  • Works faster, smoother and is more secure than shared hosting.
  • It is however, more expensive than some of the other types of web hosting.
  • It’s use is restricted for highly customized word press pages.

VPS hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is basically a hybrid option for web hosting companies. Its working imitates the dedicated server in a shared hosting condition. It is however expensive than a shared hosting but cheaper than dedicated server hosting. It is a good option for web hosting since it provides similar disk space as that of dedicated server and on relatively lower cost. However, it is necessary to do some research before opting for VPS hosting since some hosts do not support resources for this server.

Cloud hosting

The basic features of this server are similar to that of VPS hosting. Cloud hosting is getting common among the website operators. It is a fair option for e-commerce websites since it provides safeguard against distributed denial of service attacks.

  • Price
  • Server Health
  • Support

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Are you the business owner on the verge of introducing an e-commerce website for your business? Or do you wish to upgrade an existing website with modern technological standards? Here you can find the answers.

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