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Keyboard Shortcuts

How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Your computer has all the problems you have to use music, music or entertainment, or you have a professional job, and all the work is done by you. You do not know if you have any knowledge of your computer, or you can still have the expertise of your computer. Is this your computer’s basics function? Let’s find out if you are using keyboard shortcuts for shortcut keys.

How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts:

You can use the keyboard shortcuts to your keyboard. Is this a work of your work? If you want to connect to the key, please use the key to combine it with the key. Your computer has a lot of work to do. Let’s write it to copy data from the data or to move the data, you have to set your keys to use only when you have time to do your system.

If you want to use your keyboard, then you will be able to use it as soon as possible. The key to writing a word on your site is to move it. Use your mouse to use the copy as soon as possible. If you have any questions or have used any work or you have removed your shortcut tricks you can direct it to your keyboard. To do this, use the keyboard shortcut keys.

Keyboard’s Shortcut Keys:

  • F1: If you need help in a computer then you need to press F1 for this, you will get help option.
  • F2: Your computer has saved all the files. Please change the name of your password here. If you want to have your computer open from the folder, press F2 key instead. Your folder will be renamed.
  • F3: If you want to search for a file from your computer, then press the Enter key from your computer to access the files and you can search for files that you want to delete.
  • F4: If you want to move your destination file to your computer, and then go to apkp to your system, press the keyboard from F4 to move your file.
  • F5: Your computer is slow If you want to use your refresh option, you can press the keyboard key in your keyboard. Use your F5 key to get it.
  • F10: If you want to use the menu bar, and then use the menu bar to enter your keyboard, then use the F10 key to open the menu bar.
  • Ctrl+c: I have written a copy of my password for the copy of the system. It is the image or text you have written, but you have to copy it. If you want to apply your system from ctrl + c key then press the key to get your content copied.
  • Ctrl+x: To cut a file or folder from your computer, press your keyboard and press the keys key. The selected file will be deleted. Then wherever you want to paste it you can paste.
  • Ctrl+v: If you want to copy your data to another system, please fill out the file. You have to cut your data from the system so that you can paste it in the ctrl + v option.
  • Ctrl+z: If you want to delete the file from your system, then use the ctrl + z key to delete the file and then use it again. If you want to delete your file or if you want to delete the file then
  • Ctrl+b: If you read the need to change the style of any font while writing in your system, then you can use the Stroll + B to bold the word.
  • Ctrl+u: If you want to underline any word or line in your system then you can do it with these keys.
  • Ctrl+a: Use these keys to select entire pages together in your system. Your entire page will be selected at once.
  • Ctrl+esc: If you have to go to the Start menu in your system, then you can go to this menu by doing this with an app.
  • Ctrl+shift+esc: If you want to open Task Manager in your system then you can use these keys to go to your Task Manager.
  • Ctrl+tab: If you find yourself in your browser or window or open any new tab, then you will use these keys to get your new tab open.
  • Delete: If you need to delete any file or folder then you can delete any file or folder by using this key.
  • Home: By pressing this key you are doing a job only in your system, you will be in its start-up.
  • Alt+f4: By using this you can perform your system’s Shut Down, Restart and Log Off Operations.
  • Alt+tab: If you want to see all the programs in your system together, use these keys.
  • Window+u: You can use these keys to open the narrator from the settings in your system.
  • Window+l: You can use this option to lock your computer directly.
  • Window+f: With this, you can use any file or folder to search.
  • Window+r: Use it to open the run in your computer.
  • Window+m: Use the keys to reduce the program’s ability to minimize the keys.
  • Window+shift+m: You can restore the minimize window as well.
  • Ctrl+n: Open a new system to open a new tab.
  • Ctrl+f: To search for something.
  • Ctrl+s: To save your files to the files.
  • Ctrl+p: To print some documents into hard copy.
  • Window+prtscr: System screen.

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