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Prevent Mobile Battery from Bursting

How to Prevent Mobile Battery from Bursting

In today’s time, the eruption of mobile battery has become commonplace. There have been many such issues that have come to light after seeing that it can be seen how much can be dangerous. Even after such incidents, people do not care about the phone’s battery. It is as much as the case has been seen in the Smartphone’s but not the fact that the feature phone is safe due to the over-charging of many feature phone batteries.

No matter where the mobile is used, the battery is used in it, you all know well. The battery that is on our phone is a lithium-ion battery. The main reason for the burst of mobile battery is due to overheating. Many times we do not use the original charger with the phone to charge it or not to the battery normal, so it becomes the cause of all overheat so that the possibility of battery bursts is high.

Due to Mobile Phone Bursts

Being Overheated by Battery (Continuously Charging):

Many times, when we sleep in the phone by charging the phone in the night, the phone keeps charging more than the requirement, so that its battery becomes very hot and the possibility of bursts is formed. When the lithium battery is too heat it blasts.

Using the Wrong Charger:

To charge the phone often, we use the charger of any phone but it is absolutely wrong because every charger has been tested by the company to supply the electric according to the phone’s battery. Charging the phone with the charger of the second phone makes the phone overheat and it gets busted several times.

Using Local Battery:

Many times we change the battery of the phone so that local batteries are installed in such a way, but in such a way, the phone charging, these batteries are quickly charged and the heat also makes the blast visible.

Lithium-ion Battery:

In most cases, the phone uses lithium batteries, in which you know that lithium batteries become more heat when it becomes a short circuit and this is also one of the main reasons for the eruption of the phone.

Due to Falling from the Height:

Many times, the phone is exacerbated or accidentally gets lost, in such a way that the circuit of the phone gets defective due to the short circuit and the phone blast is also threatened. The fall of the phone can also be a reason sometimes.

  • Keep your Mobile Phone Battery Safe in this Way
  • The main reason for the bursting of any mobile phone is overcharging, which is much more common in case. Usually we leave our phone in charge or leave it at night, so the phone is charged continuously the overheat becomes overheat and the battery is overhauled and the probability of its burst increases. So do not overcharge the phone.
  • When you put the phone in charge, do not talk to the phone at the time or even use the Internet, by doing this, your phone gets hot and there are chances to burst.
  • When charging, do not keep the phone on any such item so that it becomes too hot.
  • The most important thing is that you do not charge your phone by charging the charger of any phone, because the amount of electric power supplied by the battery given in every phone gives the company the test by charging it. Charging with its original charger never fails. That’s why you always charge the phone with your phone’s charge; do not use the charger of any other phone. The rum is more afraid of bursts.
  • Always keep the phone in the right place, because due to falling from the phone’s high altitude, the phone or the battery which is made of lithium ion becomes a short circuit and the phone blasts.

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