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Description We are also here in Townsville with our great and admired service of new as well as lifting equipment sales. There are quite a lot of types of lifting equipments available with us. You must have a closer look at their features to get an idea of their capabilities. Earlier than purchasing any type of equipment, it is imperative to check the specifications first since you can make use of this as basis for the selection. You hard working staff will assist you lot in making the right decision. You might additionally be interested in their maintenance as well. So, you don’t need to be worried since we also offer repair and maintenance services. Expert professional in our team are always there to suggest you what equipment will be the best option for you business enhancement since they are the specialist having a number of experience in the field. They well brief you all the necessary detailed relevant to the equipment such as list of its features and functionalities, pros and cons, dos and don’ts, essential tips and precautions etc. Having all such essential information will definitely enable you to make superior purchasing decisions. This additionally helps you find out which type of machine will work best for your business operations. Some of the most demanding products of our huge rage are: Hand Pallet Trucks Rider Stacker Walkie Stacker Rider Low Lift Truck Walkie Low Lift Truck Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks Hydra Cranes Fuel Cell Forklifts Diesel Forklift Trucks Battery Operated Forklift Trucks Forklift Spare Parts Forklift Tubeless Tyre  Book your equipment now and get benefits of so many additional offers and facilities enormously provided by the forklift Equipment sales. Contact us for having more details and further queries.